Client: Netflix
Category: Design & VFX - Film & Broadcast
Territory Studio travels back to the golden era of 1930s Hollywood, delving into the development of 'Citizen Kane' in David Fincher's 'Mank'.
The brief was to recreate a section of 1930s Wilshire Boulevard to play on an LED rear projection behind Mank and his wife Sara. Authenticity was key, we wanted to ensure this recreation blended into the background seamlessly and convincingly. The final sequence feels very much as David described in our initial brief: "We’re making a 1930s style film with rear projection, but with the very latest digital technology we’ve been able to improve upon it and transport the audience back to Hollywood’s golden era."

"Rarely do you get the opportunity to sit down with a director and layout a scene together, but having the chance to work in house with a film-making family was an honour. Black and white film-photography is a huge passion of mine, so it was a match made in heaven."
Ashley Pay, CG Supervisor at Territory Studio.

For more information and breakdowns and the final run of wilshire visit the territory website below

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