Working as a supervising CG Lead at Territory Studio, we worked with the production team behind Netflix’s second season of Mindhunter, initially to produce a promo shot which was published across their social media channels, and then to create some stand-alone VFX shots. The scene shots ranged from creating CG backdrops, torches and microphones, to recreating authentic vehicles and helicopters for search scenes. This fascinating series allowed us to become part of legendary Director, David Fincher’s world.
For this production I designed and created all cg content for the shots, this gave me the opportunity to delve into my passion for detail ensuring everything was accurate to the time period, location and season, and work with one of my all time favourite directors David Fincher, Leading to a great new project I worked with him in LA coming soon here and on the Territory home page
CG Supervising Lead Ashley Pay
Comp Ben Hicks
VFX Sup Simon Carr

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